The Nissan SR20DET Turbo Inline-4

The SR20DET is a highly tuneable engine, with simple bolt-on modifications it can easily hit 300 HP. With more serious upgrades 400 HP is doable, but it’ll cost you a lot of money for things like upgraded camshafts, larger turbo, fuel injectors, and labor.

Unlike more coveted Japanese engines like the KA and JZ, the SR20DET is affordable to build when you’re smart with your modifications.

Improved Fuel Economy

Nissan’s SR20DET is considered the best of its kind. It’s a reliable motor, providing 205 horsepower and 203 lb-ft of torque. It can be used in many different Nissan models, from the 180SX to the S13, S14, and S15 Silvias. It’s also found in daily runabouts such as the Pulsar and Avenir.

The SR20DET is easily modified and can be tuned to produce up to 600 horsepower. This power can be attained with the help of a hybrid turbo, ECU, dyno tests, auxiliaries, and a front mount intercooler.

Depending on the setup, the engine can handle up to 15 psi of boost without risking damage. However, more pressure can cause issues like rough idling. In addition, this engine requires high-quality oil and regular servicing. It has a long lifespan if well maintained and kept in good working condition. This is one of the most popular engines among enthusiasts.

Increased Horsepower

When tuned correctly, the SR20DET is capable of producing over 400 horsepower. This is well above the factory limit and is a testament to its power potential. It’s not uncommon to see the engine used in a variety of motorsport applications.

The SR20DET has been around for over two decades and enjoyed widespread popularity in the JDM motorsport scene, thanks to its strength, reliability, and power output. This engine can be found in a wide range of vehicles, including the iconic Nissan Silvia S14.

The SR20DET is equipped with dual overhead cams and 16 valves. It’s a closed-deck design and has an all aluminum block and cylinder head. SR20DETs feature high-impedance fuel injectors and alloy liners. This makes the engine a great candidate for forced induction. Depending on the vehicle, a stock SR20DET makes between 200 to 206 horsepower. This is enough to keep a lot of enthusiasts happy. But, if you’re looking for more power, it requires supporting modifications such as a larger MAF, upgraded turbo, and stage 3 fuel management.

Reduced Exhaust Emissions

The SR20DET is a versatile engine which found its way under the hood of many different Nissan vehicles during its production run. With a stock bottom end capable of producing around 200hp, it’s an ideal motor to start with if you’re looking to make big power, provided that the correct supporting modifications are carried out.

If you don’t take care of your SR20DET properly, it could lead to some serious problems. Issues such as rattling cylinder heads and spun rod bearings have been known to occur, especially on heavily modified SR20DETs running excessive amounts of boost. However, these issues are not uncommon and can be easily avoided by following the proper maintenance schedule. At the higher output levels, an upgraded turbo and a larger front mount intercooler are absolutely necessary. Moreover, the stock mass airflow sensor will need to be replaced with something rated for higher psi of boost. This will prevent the engine from flooding and damaging your internals.

Reduced Noise

While the SR-series engines have often been overshadowed by the RB-series straight six engine in Nissan’s Skyline GT-R, the 2.0-liter four-cylinder is no slouch. Stock, it churns out a healthy 247 horsepower before needing any aftermarket boosting.

The SR20DET has also proved to be a versatile powerplant, capable of producing well over 400 horsepower with an aftermarket build and the right tuning. However, if you’re planning to jack up your SR20DET, there are a few things to be aware of before you start swapping in new auto parts.

One issue that’s often seen in heavily modified SR20DETs is a spun rod bearing. This is a serious issue that can be caused by a bad tune or running upgraded parts without an octane level that matches the setup. If left unchecked, this can lead to internal damage to the engine. Luckily, this is easy to spot, as the engine will begin to sound extremely rattley at all RPMs.

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